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Connecting communities, capital, and entrepreneurs to achieve lasting, positive social impact, superior returns, and significant tax savings.

Opportunity Zones (O-Zones) are underserved and undercapitalized geographic zones, numbering 8,700 in total, in which Federal and State governments wish to encourage private investment. Recent Federal tax legislation offers extraordinary tax incentives to those who invest in Qualified O-Zone Businesses or Real Estate, allowing them to defer recognizing capital gains in an amount equivalent to their investment.

These tax-advantaged Opportunity Zone investments have presented us with a rare chance to simultaneously achieve three levels of Alpha: Tax Alpha through the greatest tax advantage of our lifetime; Investment Alpha through various invest, grow and hold strategies; and what we call Societal Alpha, a far rarer benefit.


Wouldn't you rather invest your capital gains and use them to generate real wealth than write a check to Uncle Sam? Your capital gains can be realized or unrealized, short-term or long-term, paper or actual. The mandated timelines are manageable but strict, so act quickly to ensure your ability to fully benefit from this program.


This tremendous opportunity provides a nearly endless set of possible qualifying transactions and seemingly limitless wealth-building and tax-saving potential. It also comes with a highly complex structure, semi-annual maintenance, valuation and recording requirements, and a high level of IRS scrutiny. Few firms, let alone independent advisors have the bandwidth to sufficiently focus on these specialized issues, much less provide turn-key solutions for their clients. You deserve a team of passionate, engaged specialists to help you navigate the complexities of Opportunity Zones, minimize your exposure, and maximize the wide range of benefits associated with this program. You deserve O-Zone Alpha.


Let our expertise and passion work for you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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